Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Do you believe in miracles? I do!


I have to say that as a whole 2012 was pretty darn good. Yet in my next breath I will tell you that I am happy to see it go.  It was good because it was tough.  Yes I am a sucker for a good challenge, especially in personal discovery and growth.  A good cry and breakthrough and I am singing and dancing to the tissue box while high five-ing others and myself on the way! And 2012 had plenty of those moments. Exhale.  
Life gets messy and it hurts and it is difficult at times, yes.  I am a firm believer that those messy moments don't have to take away from our general happiness and ability to love but in fact only strengthen and deeper them.   This lesson I went through over and over again in 2012.  It wasn't until the last week of the year did I finally get that this trend wouldn't end unless I chose to believe that this shit is meant to happen. Why? For tons of reasons! I wasn't paying attentiong, my faith was waning, I was choosing to listen to the bullshit in my head, I was blaming, shaming, and burying my head- 50% of the time. The other 50% I was fighting to pull my head above water, standing up for my heart and dreams and standing confidently outside of my comfort zone.  
Fifty-ffity doesn't sound so bad. Seems like a typical year for most and it is for me when I look at it that way but there was a difference this time.  The 50% of the time I was fighting for me and love and truth I was doubting. There was that old familiar track of this won't work, you aren't going to succeed, you just don't have what it takes.  I bleeping hate that sound track!! It pisses me off and it really isn't me at all!  It's like nails on a chalk  board but I'll be damned if I wasn't playing it everyday.  
Questions about my parenting were coming up as my oldest gets ready to pick a college. My relationship with Jimmy was a mega roller coaster ride. One of my twins is questioning her self worth and the other one is hard to hold onto.  My career is going through a major shift (happily but still scary). I am going to be selling one house in order to move into another and with my boyfriend. I am worried about money. I am worried about not having enough- enough energy, time, love, money, etc.  And running in the background was "quit you can't handle it nor do you deserve it." 
In the last week of the year I really lost it. It was Christmas night and I was missing my kids terribly and I took every emotion I had out on Jimmy.  All the issues we had been having came out, my self doubt and worries about all the change that is coming this year reared it's ugly head into a meltdown on the stairs crying and snotting all over the wall. It was pretty ugly.  I even went to bed crying. And then it was done. I was exhausted and slept really well.  I didn't feel amazing in the morning but I knew I was done crying. And I made the choice then that I was done with the sound track and hopefully for good.  
I needed that night. Sometimes it's how I learn.  The hard way. 
The next night I was thinking about my girls and realized how amazing they are and that they are real miracles.  And so am I. So are you.  I had forgotten that and gave into my ego's self destructive chatter.  
This month I wanted to start off the year really organized (I actually started last week) and dig into what  really makes me happy.   
I went off and bought notebooks, made lists by categories(jobs) and started to work.  I put my meditation practice back into, well, practice and got my calendar humming.  
And so I have adopted these intentions/resolutions from Mind, Body, Green for my 2013 and Tiffany-nized them a bit:
I resolve to love myself each and every day with all my flaws and all my beauty no matter what
I resolve to allow others to be themselves
I resolve to see the positive aspects of every situation even through tears
I resolve to exp
ress appreciation daily.(via notes, text, email, facebook and IN PERSON!)
I resolve to tell the inner judge to shut up!
I resolve to forgive myself and others
I resolve to meditate for 15 minutes per day
I resolve to spend as much time with Mother Nature as possible and my PUPPIES! 
I resolve to shut down the computer, turn off my phone, and connect with my loved ones for quality time each and every day. And not be on my phone when talking to others. 
I resolve to live and let live, including myself. Compassion.

Really all in all I decided to see others and myself as miracles above all else.  And when I forget then I will forgive and begin again in the next moment.  This month I decided to do Patricia's New Year's series.  It really is amazing and speaks to me on so many levels.  I hope you enjoy it. If you can't make it to class you can purchase the month's workout at Sati Life.   
What your resolutions for this year? Are you willing to see the miracle that you are and go for it?! 

January 2012 Series:

Who I want to be    WILLING
I am rising up    FOCUS UP
It’s 2013    SUCCESS
I AM a channel for love    HAPPY
I AM a causing miracles    DESIRE
I AM worry free    ENTHUSIASM
I AM limitless strength    STRENGTH
I AM a champion for success    CHAMPION (SLOW )
I AM Persistent    PERSISTENCE
I AM Diligent    DILIGENCE (Self control, self control, warrior, touch the floor with both hands in a squat position)
Excuses are gone    RELEASE
Fear has no power    DISCIPLINE
I Am that I am    ABUNDANCE

I AM that    POWER LUNGE (“that” make heart with hands)
You are that    BEAUTY (“that” heart pose with hands)
All this is that    EMBRACE and Positive expectation
That is all there is    SURRENDER


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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dare to Dream. Dare to Believe?!

I have always been a selective risk taker.  I would ask my parents for things in a whisper for fear of hearing no. I would make sure I was a good girl to my teachers and did my work so they would like me.  But when it came to expressing my emotions I had to no problem. I took risks in sports, with friendships, relationships and jobs. And I have stood up for myself more times then I can even count. I have never been able to sit still.  It seems like my mind and heart are always having a conversation with one another about what is next on the agenda.  Sounds like a crazy person? Or can you relate.  

What usually ends the conversation is when fear inserts itself smack in the middle somewhere and typically shows up right before my heart, head and I are ready to say Yes!
Sometimes I grab hold of the fear sided what ifs and other times I tell them to get out.  And I tend to hang on tight to the fear when life is throwing a bunch of stuff at me once.   And it usually all comes out in a giant sobbing rant to my boyfriend.  Poor man.  He really is a saint for dealing with it all.  

And one day I just realized that I was unhappy I had to let it out so that I could move forward. 

Like any good cry I feel so much better when it is over (and so does Jimmy). After it all clears I can really see what is in front of me.  I can really see what I am afraid of tackling and it turns out they aren't that bad after all.  

So now I am at again.  I will no longer be taking personal training clients and moving on to build a health coaching business.  I am very hopeful and expect to succeed because my heart and head have this all figured out.  

Yet, I am scared.  I am acknowledging the fear but working on not hang on to it.  I think a little fear is good because it reminds me that I give a shit about how I live my life and what I am doing with it. I just now need to create actions around not allowing myself to dwell in for more than 1 minute. 
So, now I must flip my fearful thoughts to affirming, powerful ones within a minute or, or what?
I am not sure what my consequence should be right now. I will take suggestions! ;)

I picked this series by Patricia Moreno, the creator of intenSati, with an addition by me and the lower body series by me to represent how I am feeling right now about starting my new career venture and this new year coming up! 

I love to dream and take risks. It is the belief part that I have a hard time maintaining.  When I remember I am the master of my fate my confidence and faith grow.  Everything about this series screams me in 20-1-3. 

What are you going to do that you have been putting off?  Why not join me in taking a risk and choosing to believe in order to achieve?! 

December 2012 Series Cardio Series by Patricia Moreno (one addition by me) & Lower body by me

I dare to dream (confidence)
I dare to believe (faith)
I dare to take a risk (inspire)
I dare to succeed (perseverance)
I am the master of my fate (strong)
I am here to celebrate (celebrate)
Fear? So what! (able)
Failure? So what! (self-control)
I am here to grow (ready)
I am letting go (detach)
I challenge myself (challenge)
To reach for something better (challenge)
I am carefree (carefree)
I am filled with energy (enthusiasm)
Right NOW! (now)

I risk it all for love now (risk, compassion, love, compassion)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weathering the Storm.

It has been an interesting two weeks.  A hurricane, nor’easter, and an election.  All of it has brought out the best and worst of all of us.  I had a temper tantrum a few days after the hurricane and then got pissed off when I was just overwhelmed by the doom and gloom of everyone’s complaining.  Each day I felt gratitude that I had only lost power and no one was hurt.  I also felt sad and frustrated for those that lost so much, everything.  Along with irritated that I was temporarily out of my home.   The election seemed to ignite people’s passion and anger more so this year perhaps because of the storm or perhaps the media. Who knows.  The anger that ensued upset me and I found myself getting sadder. In a time when so many are suffering and so many are without so many of us turn to our leaders to point fingers.   Lest we remember that when wagging a finger there are three of our own pointing back at us. 

It is human nature, rather the ego’s nature, to blame outside things and happenings for our joy and anger.  It’s the ego that drives us separate not only from each other but also from whom we truly are already.  Ego is that voice that says “you and I are not the same.”  We all may have differences on the outside or in our beliefs and daily habits but we all want the same things:  to love, to be loved, to be accepted, to be heard, to be safe, to be successful on our own terms, to contribute by making a difference in some way.

I know my ego very well.  She is quite clever and sneaky!  I will turn an argument around to make me right and you wrong. I will yell louder than you. And when that doesn’t work I will cry or huff away in disgust usually pouting something about how you don’t care about me.  Crafty and bratty!!  Makes me laugh just typing that! 

I spent years and will continue to spend more years breaking that mold. It’s not the real me. I love to love and be loved. I am a hopeful romantic who pushes to make a difference in the world.  To help others to believe in their beautiful lives and infinite possibilities by encouraging them to push the limits of their comfort zones.  But I have to do the same by flipping the way I act and think.   

There are days I just want to be a ranging bitch and stomp my feet as I head back to bed to pull the covers over my head.  But that would be a waste of time.  Listening to my bratty, blaming ego just feels like shit.  It feels like that because it’s not what I believe I am here for, meant for or who I AM. 

I have to conquer my demons about money, love and my negative self talk by seeing it and then shattering the mold through discipline and integrity.  

What if we all held ourselves accountable for breaking this human mold of blaming and negativity? What if we all stepped away from the ego and saw each other as the same?  What if we learned to live with integrity individually to collectively change our consciousness? 

To me it’s worth it.  Because we need a change of heart.  

My heart is beating, my eyes are clear, my ears are open and my conviction is strong.

I have the power to break the mold and perseverance to be keep going. Kick the bullshit to the curb and embrace my freedom to be AWESOME! 

Care to join me?  Together we can weather any storm!

November Series

I let go the old  (detach)
I make way for the true (acceptance step touch)
I break the mold (discipline step out)
With love & gratitude (love/grapevine)
My words have power (willpower)
My actions are bold (strong)
Every minute, Every hour (empowered)
My conviction take hold (conviction)
Each new day (perseverance)
I am better in every way (happy)
Persistence is the key (persistence)
To setting myself free (free)
I am playing full out! without any doubt! (drumming)

I am beauty  (resp/beauty)
I am strong   (resp/strong)
I am powerful  (resp/power)
I am focused (resp/focus/intention)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wish upon a habit

If we plant a rose seed we will most likely grow a rose bush if we water it and make sure it gets the right amount of sunshine. We wouldn't expect a holly bush would we?  If you are like me though you may have quite a few doubts if the rose bush would even grow or if it did would it even produce roses despite all the watering & sunshine we provided.  

I tend to begin to build a long list of doubts before I even take action.  The "I can't's" and "it won't works" start right after I have the "I wonder if" or "I should try.." thought enters my head. I don't even realize I am doing it.   It has become a habit. 

Habits are so fascinating!  I am reading "The Power of Habit" right now. It is part of the Sati Life Warrior Training I am doing with Patricia Moreno. Check it out here!   I am totally loving this book and started thinking about habits before I even started reading and after hearing Patricia talk about them at a Working It Out Event in NYC.  I began to notice habits throughout my day and think about where I could change a habit or eliminate and would it be better to change or get rid of a habit?? 

I was analyzing everything and getting hypercritical of myself. Yup that's a habit too!  It dawned at me that I had to get at the root of all these habits I just wanted to break. So I looked at the habits I like and those that make me feel better or good.  examples: eating well, drinking water, brushing my teeth, flossing my teeth, straightening my house, hugging my kids when they walk in the door, playing with my dogs when I get home... I could go on and on.  These habits not only make me feel good, they also relieve stress, help me to lighten up, make me smile and help me continue to make healthy choices afterward.  But there was something else...  

Right now I am in the action of recommitting to daily juicing (got away from that for awhile) and stretching or yoga every day.  I am also looking for a keystone habit.  Talked about in the book as one habit that we can do that sets so many good choices as time goes on.   

I hadn't really found it because I kept hearing the dialogue in my head of "It just won't work, you are going to fail anyway"  This is my work: the negative self talk.  

My daily "keystone" habit will be to say say the affirmations of this months series each night before bed and each morning along with meditation and five minutes of sun salutes.  Being in the stillness of the meditation helps me deal with stress in a way I can't describe, the sun salutes get me moving & ignites my energy and the repeating of the affirmations is like training my beliefs.   It's like training a muscle.  I continue to replace the old habit of doubt, worry and fear with thoughts of faith &  commitment the new habit will take root.  It's just like replacing an hour of watching tv with going to the gym or a run or reading. Eventually you go right to the gym or opening a book instead of the remote.  It takes time and I am devoted to doing it as long as it takes.  I know that I can. I have done it before with other habits.  This one though I know will set in motion a powerful and positive snowball effect!! And I can't wait! 


I am going to stay committed no matter what
Find my faith through this new habit
Stay devoted to it in spite of it wanting to rear it's ugly head
Embrace my strength I know I have to see it through

What are you ready to change? What habit are you willing to work toward.  Pick just one and stick to it daily. See what unfolds!  


October Series

I am focused
One day at a time
I step forward
Open heart, Open mind
With steady commitment
Unshakeable faith
Driving devotion
I embrace my strength
I am ready
To take action now
I have the skill 
and I have the will
What I reap I sow
So today I am letting go
No blame, no shame
Love is my game

I am fearless
I am courageous
I am a warrior now

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The magic is in getting real. Really honest.

Summer came in like a lion and went out like a lamb in love.....

For the past year my life has been amazing, really the last 40 years buuuut.... I was lacking integrity in a few areas, especially the spring into summer.  I found myself doing and saying things that felt good at the time and had a ton of reasons(aka excuses) why I should be doing them, but I was really facing a spiritual backlash.  

My relationship with my boyfriend was like a line from a bad pop song. Do you love me or should I stay or go.   My career was going strong but I knew it could be better and I wasn't being honest with myself.  My relationships with my kids was there but I wasn't quite being real with my time and commitment to them. 

At one point I felt like I was either fighting with a family member, crying or being destructive in some way.  Lies, secrets, negative self talk (beyond belief), drinking too much, binge eating to over exercising, sleeping too much to sleeping too little. I was a yo-yo of mass destruction and the whole time I kept telling myself I was happy. And compared to other times in my life I was, but I felt disconnected from so many people, including myself.  A functioning bomb about to go off......

And then Summer settled in and it blew!   Thank God!  It was a few weeks of late night soul searching jam sessions with my man and long talks between me and God that it all came out.  Who, what, where and how came flowing out of me when I got honest with myself and those I love.  

I decided to rewrite my dreams and goals. The doors and windows flew open as the light poured in and a breath of fresh air filled my heart.   

I have cut back on my schedule in areas that I bitched too much about by either letting it go completely or changing it to suit my goals.  I took on more of what I loooovvvvve, really really LOVE! I am effortlessly committed to my role as a loving parent in a way that makes my heart burst.   I am lovingly embracing and caring for my deepest relationships.   I am stepping into designing my life with a peaceful, joy that fills my heart and feels so goooood.  

The abundance has been showing up as phone calls checking in, to text messages saying 'I love you', to job opportunities, to beautiful heart felt birthday wishes, to packed classes, to simple thank you from a stranger, to amazing moments with my kids and a new depth to my partnership with Jim.  

The last month has been a reawakening.  As I move into this new decade of my life I am looking forward to all the universe has ready for me. 

I wrote this series as a mantra for myself and a reminder for all of you.  I hope you find a message in  it that reminds you how perfect you are, pure and true. Magical. 

September 2012:  Perfectly Me! 

I AM Ease
I AM Peace
Rain or Shine
I AM Divine
I believe in magic
I know it to be
I release my fears
And set myself my free
I AM powerful
I AM worthy
I AM grateful 
I AM perfectly me
I AM strength
I AM compassion
I AM fierce
I AM love in action! 

I embrace with love
I own my power
I accept all of life, all others
and myself 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Being the Master of My Fate is My Freedom!

Happy JULY!!  In a few days we celebrate our country's freedom.  I love 4th of July and what it stands for. 

What I really love is that it reminds me that we are all free to choose how to live our lives.  We can go after what we want and how we want to live or we can sit back and play the victim & think life owes us something. I have done the later and it doesn't work and costs way too much energy!  I have done the first and it does work! Taking charge is where it is at! 

What I struggle with the most is the day to day talk.  I let doubt and down talk in too easy.  I practice through meditation, positive affirmations, positive practices, integrity and surrounding myself with positive people.  Believe it or not all that doesn't work sometimes. And I have goals to achieve! So what am doing in addition?  

Let me go back to last week to tell you how this new addition came about.  

I was on the plane coming back from being in Vegas for Beachbody's Coach Summit. (Amazing time btw!)  I had a Beachbody shirt on and a man across the isle said hi to me and we briefly chatted.  When we landed he, Matt, waited for me to talk some more. I really wasn't in the mood because I just woke up and it was 6am. But I made myself listen and engage in the conversation. He had so much energy it started to wake me up.  We came to find out that we live near each other!  And that he runs a Fit Club across town. We exchange contact info and became instant friends.  I got home and Matt commented on one of photos on Facebook about being committed to certain goals with his Beachbody business. I instantly felt the need to the same and reached out to one my coaches.  And there began the accountability partner and more.   

So my friend and I committed to working together to achieve Star Diamond status by next Summit.  I posted it on our Facebook group and others joined in. I told Matt and with a big gulp asked for his help. And he gladly accepted and invited me to join his Fit Club and group.  

Today I received even more inspiration as my upline reached out to start another accountability group and go after the Beachbody cup.  

I know some of you don't know what I am talking about and that's okay.  My point is that I wasn't happy with my current status of my business and was stuck in the victim mode and waiting for it to happen.  

I was inspired by a perfect stranger and followed an intention to set a goal and put it out there.  And the universe answered with accountability partners- LOTS of them!  

I was about to give up on this part of my business but after being inspired by Summit I had to give it one more shot. The difference was in knowing that I am the master of destiny I still needed help!  
I have all I need within me and I am fierce and fabulous but with my family and friends I am even more amazing!

So often I talk about me, you, within ourselves and how we know longer need to look outside ourselves to be happy.  And I whole heartedly believe that. Yet, I had the courage to ask others for help knowing that with team work we could go even farther- together!  

Our beautiful lives can unfold together!  Let's take care or our collective destinies by uplifting each other! 

This month ask yourself where you are not holding yourself accountable for living what and how you most desire! If your heart is screaming yes why are you not following through?  Drop the negative thoughts. Ask for help and follow all good intentions!!  

Read this series everyday for the entire month and afterward write down or draw your passions and goals.  Sit and look at what you wrote or drew.  See it and feel it as done! 

Watch the magic unfold! 

See you in class! 

JULY 2012 Series! Master of My Destiny

Strong-                                    My life My vision
Snap-it-                                    I am fierce & fabulous
Double great-                          I am on a mission
Play full out fast-                    Watch me!

Commitment-                         My heart says yes
Willing-                                  My minds says go
Desire-                                   I give my best
Inspire-                                  It’s all I know

Infinity-                                 My light is divine
Passion-                                My passion grows
Shimmer-                              My soul will shine
Ease-                                     As my life unfolds

Self control-                          All negative thoughts stop right now
Warrior pushup-                  I am a warrior
Now-                                    Right here Right NOW!

Fearless-                              I am fearless & brave
Gratitude/pos expt               I ask & it is given
Believe/focus                       I believe in me
Surrender/compassion        And in my destiny

Monday, June 11, 2012

I know what I want?

It's late again. I have now made a promise to get these out by the 2nd of every month.  Now I need you all to hold me to it.

I have recently become a bit restless.  Really just more so than usual. There is this nagging inside of me for change.  Something is pulling at me to see and do things differently.  Perhaps it's boredom or my need with always wanting to be more efficient.  Whatever it is it's getting loud.

I started to write down what I wanted and what I had been thinking about, mostly related to my career.  I began to outline how I wanted it to look and feel.   The feeling part is tough for me. As I sit and write my dream (homework assignment for The Handel Group coaching tele course I am currently doing) I keep deleting it because it just doesn't seem sexy enough!  But I do know that my desire for change is stronger than any fear I have about seeing it through. So today I will sit and write my dream for my career and add in relationships and my body since they seem to go hand in hand in my life.

I tend be one of those people that has a desire then wants to know exactly how to get it done immediately but when I can't figure it out then I allow fear and what ifs to enter and mess with my head.  "I am not good enough, I am not smart enough, it will never work, no one cares, who the hell am I.... " Any of those sound familiar?

The desire is strong for this change because I just don't feel good- that restless feeling I wrote about before.  My focus about other things is off and my attention is scattered. I must be out of integrity- no I AM.  Ugh.

So a few things need to change and I have already started the process:  Career- I am in the conversation with others and myself to make changes to reach more people and be more efficient.  Personal relationships- talk from a respectful, honest and loving place.   My body- get back to my routine of self care, especially at night.

So what does that mean?

Career: I have been writing and asking for what I want (from the universe & from humans that can help me) Last week I joined a tele course for Fitness Professionals with the Handel Group.  Which really got the ball rolling immediately.  I have set up a timeline (by when things will be done) and made promises to stay in integrity in others areas of my life as well.  The domino effect is amazing!

Personal relationships:  I have been speaking up with more love and respect and turning down the volume of intensity.  I have made a promise to myself to think before I speak and make sure I really listen.  I apologize.

My body- I have fallen out of routine.  I am going to get back to my mediation and nightly yoga poses. Turning off the computer, including no iPhone, at 9:30pm.   I will make sure my plates are full of real food and lots of veggies.

These are all small things relative to the big picture but they make a huge difference.  What is at the bottom of all of this that the desire for change, to feel better, to do better is much, much greater than the fears and excuses that pop up.   Back to, as Patricia Moreno has stated, dragging my head back into right thinking.

Back to getting it done!

Join me?  Pick one area that is nagging at you for change or that you just can't tolerate anymore.  Being daring and let me know what it is here on my Facebook wall. You can even tell a friend or family member to help you stay accountable.   You may join Handel Group in any of their courses or go to Sati Life to see the offerings there such as the tele course Thinner Peace or Sati Life Warrior Training. (I am enrolled in Thinner Peace which starts TONIGHT!)

Need quick motivation?  Read the series below everyday for the rest of the month. See what comes up, it might just be roses!

See you in class!

No intenSati Wednesday 6/20, Saturday 6/23, Saturday 6/30

No Friday Yoga for the rest of the summer.

June 2012 Series

My desire is strong
My focus is clear
My passion runs deep
I drop the fear
I am never giving up
I am in it to win it
I choose to persist
No matter what
I am love
I am light
I am taking charge
of my life
I am happy
I am free
I am committed
to being me

Thank you
I am sorry
I love you
I am whole